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All Your Leads in One Place

Keep all your lead information in one database with different methods for lead capture.

  • Web Form Submission
    • Easy to Create Web Forms and Form Fields
    • Simple Form Code For your Website
    • Custom Form Field Validation
  • Lead Import
    • Import Lead Information in a .CSV File / also different file formats
  • Manual Entry
    • Enter Leads Directly as They Come in Over the Phone with an Easy interface

Sales Lead Management

All the tools you need to manage sales leads efficiently.

  • Lead Attention Indicator
  • New Lead Indicator
  • Tasks With Reminders
  • Customizable Contact List
  • Statuses/Dispositions
  • Search Database
  • Send Custom Emails or Personalized Email
  • Attach Files to Leads
  • Track Events and Activities

Customizable Interface

Sales Force Automation

Automate steps of your sales process to sell more efficiently

  • Delegate Leads
  • Send Notifications of Events
  • Send Mail Marketing Campaigns
  • Create Tasks with Reminders
  • Set Statuses
  • Validate Contact Information
  • Update Contact Information

Sales Team Management

Manage and monitor all your sales team’s activity

  • Time stamped Logs of User activity
  • Take Complete Control Over User Access Rights
  • Admin Log In as Any User

CRM and Lead Reselling

Resell leads and offer your clients a CRM account as added value

  • Set up Automated Lead Delivery
  • Bill Clients Directly Through the System
  • Moderate Refunds

Service Call Tracker and Manager

Built on Industrial Experience
Easy to use and ready to implement with minimal Time and Cost
Database Structured to handle Data of huge Volume – Existing Data can be imported from any format available
Cost Effective

Easy to Use
Multi Tier Security
Comprehensive reporting
Capturing of Service Calls
Assigning Calls to Engineers
Handling Multiple Action/Visits for a Service Call
Repeated Calls Handling
Pending Calls Analysis
Engineer wise productivity and Response Time
Engineer Wise Revenue / Expenditure Report
Service bill generation with / without Service Tax
Spares consumed for Service call Billing
Service History of Customer
Handling of Stand-by Issued / Received
Preventive Maintenance Call Auto Reminder
Renewal Reminder alert for Maintenance Contract
Capture Warranty Information
Reminder Alerts for Warranty closed Items
Supports different Operating Systems
Multi Level Reporting
Monthly Service and Quality Analysis
SMS alerts of call Assigned to Engineers [Optional]
Export data to various formats

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