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We at Solutions Nest apart from providing Software and Web Solutions also provide the following Value Added Services to our Client justifying our concept “IT Services under One Roof”

  • Edge Server
  • File Server
  • Disaster Recovery / Backup and Storage
  • Cloud Computing
  • Biometric Device and Solutions
  • Security Solutions – Vehicle GPS Tracking System, Door Sensors, CCTV with Recording
  • UPS and Battery Solutions [Our Sister Concern are the Manufacturers – hence avoiding Dealers]

Edge Server


    • Network Intrusion Proof
    • Save Operating Cost by Caching of Internet bandwidth
    • Prevent Unauthorized users to access Internet [within organization as well as for outsiders also]
    • Keep Internet access always ON with automatic switchover between multiple ISP’s Firewall Protection
    • Access your Company’s Intranet from anywhere in the world – without investing in a separate VPN
    • Powerful Anti Spam Engine
    • Lastly – Other Edge Servers give the above facilities each at an additional costing and that too limited to number of users. In this case it has a default 1000 users with all the above functionalities at the same cost.

ES is more than just a security device; it is a comprehensive network security, network continuity and VPN server device – all rolled into one.

Office Network – Switch – ES [Edge Server] – Modem – Internet
ES Comes complete with the Hardware, Software, installation and Support. All components are extensively researched for their compatibility and performances. Servers are built from world class branded components and undergo rigorous testing prior to deployment.

It is a hardware component namely – ES Box.
ES Box works as: (a) UTM [Universal Threat Management] and (b) Captive Portal
File Server

FS [File Server] is an end-to-end file server solution that delivers high performance, highly available file services to users on the company network.

Product Features:

    • Centralized file repository for the company's files
    • Department-wise User-Access-Control for files
    • Ability to go back to an older version of the files (File Versioning)
    • Collaboration between employees via Calendar, private Chat server, Company Wiki and Blog.
    • Easy backup of the entire repository.
    • Up to 4TB storage

FS comes complete with the hardware, software, installation, support, monitoring and backup*.

All components are extensively researched for their compatibility and performance. Servers are built from world-class branded components only and undergo 48 hours of rigorous testing prior to deployment.

FS runs a Linux operating system. The Linux operating system loaded on the FS brings years of proven virus-free stability and performance needed to support your business.

Disaster Recovery / Backup and Storage
We provide strategic consulting and infrastructure management services in the following areas:
High Performance Computing
When scaling up means going beyond a server, we engineer and manage solutions to cope with the most demanding applications for unparalleled uptime and performance. Scale across servers with load balancers and failovers to eliminate downtime and single-points of failure.

IT Policies, SOPs and Audits
Removing complexities, ensuring availability, maximizing performance and optimizing your IT budgets. We work with you to design policies and procedures for your IT resources and track compliance for a highly available, secure and optimized computing experience.

Disaster Recovery
Protection for your data and quick recovery from environmental damage, physical failures and human errors, Enabling policies that work to ensure data availability, versioning, recoverability and minimal downtime.

Storage Solutions
Large scale storage solutions to meet the growing demand for byte-space. Terabytes of easily-scalable storage served over your network by optimized, failure-resistant and high-performance technology.

Remote Server Administration
Easy and affordable system administration for all your Linux servers. We strive to deliver the most optimal server computing experience to provide for robust security and high uptimes.

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